Pensacola Chiropractor Wants You To Know What Most People Don’t Understand About Car Accident Injuries
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Pensacola Chiropractor Wants You To Know What Most People Don’t Understand About Car Accident Injuries

This article discusses the following important items:


·       M.D. study shows chiropractic manipulation is the best treatment for mechanical neck disorder(i.e. whiplash)

·       How hidden car accident injuries can cause arthritis

·       How even minor injuries should get evaluated

·       Why prescribed pain relief medication may make your condition worse

·       The importance of documenting your injuries immediately


Hidden injuries are sneaky, potentially debilitating, and will strike hundreds of people in Pensacola this year, and due to ignorance and/or inappropriate care, many car accident victims will suffer for the rest of their lives! That’s the bad news. The good news is that there is help available to you that ensures that the insurance companies know what you’ve been going through and your rights are protected.


Reading this free article may be the most important thing you’ve done all year. Why? Because finally, someone is revealing the shocking truth about car accident injuries that some insurance companies don’t want you to know. This is vital if you want to avoid years of pain, suffering, and misery.


Every year, hundreds of people in Pensacola are involved in auto accidents, and they aren’t lucky enough to have this information in front of them. As a result, they either receive inappropriate care for their injuries or never get their injury diagnosed properly!


Some doctors don’t know about hidden injuries.


After any accident, it’s advisable to visit the emergency room to make sure you don’t suffer from any life-threatening injuries like broken bones, a punctured lung, or internal bleeding. This is what emergency room doctors specialize in treating. But the problem is that as long as there’s no immediate threat to your life, the emergency room physician is likely to send you along on your way with pain medication to mask the pain. And here’s the problem with only taking pain medication after your car accident. Soft tissues like muscles, ligaments,discs, nerves, and blood vessels need oxygen. They also need to function and move properly. When you only take pain relief and/or anti-inflammatory medication, scar tissue and adhesions can form, limiting the proper motion needed for healthy nerve and blood flow. Scar tissue is also a substandard tissue that can turn into its own source of pain—causing a number of chronic pains, symptoms, and syndromes!


The problem is that soft tissue injuries are not always visible on hospital x rays.


Not all doctors have the training to detect soft tissue injuries…they over-rely on vital signs, hospital x rays, and the pain described by the patient! Since many doctors can’t detect your injury,they make the wrong diagnosis about what’s wrong with you. So any treatments you get based on this diagnosis will do practically nothing for you! The treatment of choice for some medical doctors is to use drugs to cover up your symptoms (in your case, the biggest symptom is pain) so you don’t feel injured anymore. This form of treatment only gives you the illusion that you’re okay,when really you can be seriously injured and not know it.


So,if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may be suffering from a hidden or soft tissue injury:


·       Muscle stiffness

·       Spasms

·       Neck pain

·       Headaches

·       Numbness and tingling

·       Mid back pain

·       Low back pain

·       Difficulty sleeping

·       Irritability

·       Memory loss

·       Fatigue

·       Difficulty concentrating

Or worse yet, you may be feeling none of these right now because your injury hasn’t started producing these symptoms yet.


The shocking truth about using pain relievers to get rid of your pain….


Let’s assume you are experiencing some neck pain. How will some doctors attempt to treat you? Rather than go after the cause of the problem he or she can’t find, he or she is going to attempt to treat your pain with over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and other more powerful pain relievers.


These drugs only work by sabotaging your body’s ability to register pain. They do absolutely nothing to fix the problem causing the pain. Additionally, many of these medications are addictive, and consumption can lead to devastating consequences such as misuse and overdose.This is what has become known as the opioid epidemic.


Hidden injuries are extremely serious problems. The sooner you find out you have a hidden injury, the sooner you can start a treatment plan to get rid of it and get out of pain! Wouldn’t it be nice to finally be pain-free and living your life the same way you did before the accident ever happened?


The latest medical research reveals the best treatment method!


For years research has shown manipulation to be the treatment of choice for low back pain, but the latest medical research establishes chiropractic as the number one treatment of choice for neck injuries. The most recent study presented by Dr. Art Croft from the San Diego Spinal Institute, who is the foremost authority on whiplash, cites chiropractic manipulation with stretching/strengthening exercises as the most effective modality. A modality is simply a method of treatment. They have tried shots, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, acupuncture,massage, muscle stimulation, ultrasound, and many more, but the research showed that the chiropractic manipulation in conjunction with stretching/strengthening exercises is the most effective treatment for whiplash.


At Newlin Chiropractic, we have over 20 years of experience getting Pensacola auto accident victims out of pain safely and effectively WITHOUT drugs or surgery!

My name is Johnathan Newlin, Clinic Director of Newlin Chiropractic here in Pensacola, Florida. I’ve spent years fighting for patient rights of people who have been injured in auto accidents.That’s why I have made this information available to you. I’m sick and tired of car accident victims going through years of pain and misery all because no one ever bothered to tell them their rights and the truth about their injuries. At Newlin Chiropractic, we use our drug and surgery-free method to help people who have been injured in an auto accident get out of pain as quickly and easily as possible. We’ve been able to help thousands of people that have been diagnosed with a hidden injury. In fact, we’ve been so successful and happy with helping people just like you get out of pain, we’ve focused a majority of our practice and skills on getting people who have been injured in an auto accident out of pain and keeping it that way!


What’s important is that you get evaluated and document your injuries now! Because not doing so may make any injuries you have get worse, and they will become more difficult to treat down the road, keeping you in pain longer.


While this is still fresh in your mind,call our office at 850-433-1111, and pick a time convenient for you to come in for your accident injury evaluation. If you’re calling after the office closes for the day, leave a message and a number we can reach you at tomorrow, and one of my assistants will call you then. Your accident’s been a big enough hassle already, from getting your car fixed, to dealing with your insurance adjuster.That’s why we’re dedicated to working around your schedule so you can go about living your life on your terms.


If you weren’t alone in the vehicle, the other passengers in the car also have the option to come in for a free consultation. Just give the office a call. We will be happy to schedule a free consultation for them as well just to make sure everyone is really okay. If children were in your car, it’s vital they are evaluated to ensure their bodies are in good working order and are not subjected to unnecessary pain, suffering or physical problems later in life. Don’t worry, if we detect an injury, our care is both safe and effective for children of all ages. If you think you are suffering from hidden injuries, call today for your free consultation.


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